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Pizza peel

The wooden pizza peel is an essential for any pizza maker!

- Wooden pizza peel.
- Pizza up to 14".

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Wood Species

Length of the handle

The wooden pizza peel is an essential for any pizza maker. The wooden model made by Arbol offers you the best. The wood allows a good glide in your oven while being less sticky than other materials offered on the market, no more sticky dough!

Available in three types of wood: Walnut, Maple and Cherry.


Available with two handle lengths: 12" or 24".

You can make 14 inch pizzas on this board!

We recommend the 12" handle board when you want to use this board to present your pizza in the center of the table. For those who use a traditional pizza bender, we recommend the large handle so you can be a little further away from the fire.

Perfect for entertaining your friends over a good pizza!

For the maintenance of your boards, we advise you to go to the Maintenance of my board section of the FAQ in order to give the best treatment to your favorite wooden kitchen utensil!


Handle 12 Inches

737 mm | 375 mm | 20 mm

29" 1/2 | 14" 3/4 | 3/4"

24 inch handle

1052 mm | 375 mm | 20 mm

41" 1/2 | 14" 3/4 | 3/4"

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