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In the beautiful region of Kamouraska (Quebec), Arbol designs and creates innovative, environmentally friendly kitchenware. Arbol, for the love of wood and great food!

Following his studies in Selkirk College in British Colombia Stéphane Dumont works at various employments related to cabinetmaking for a few years. Having crafted his working techniques and elaborated the draft for his project he decides to return to his native Bas-St-Laurent in 2007 to start the business that he will establish in the heart of Kamouraska. Bordering the Rivière-Ouelle and the St-Lawernce River, the craftsman’s workshop is surrounded daily by the beauty of the landscapes, a perpetual source of inspiration.

Over the years, Stéphane Dumont developed furniture in small series, such as rocking chairs and benches as well as numerous made to order projects: tables, bookshelves, cabinets, kitchens, amongst others. Add to this production of furniture and architectural projects, kitchenware articles in wood. With his team he designs and creates different models of chopping boards, salt, pepper and spice mills, knife blocks, book holders and other related products under the name of Arbol Cuisine.

Stéphane Dumont d'Arbol Cuisine

Since 2008, Stéphane Dumont takes part in the Arts and Crafts Fairs of Québec, Rimouski and Montreal and One of a Kind in Toronto.

His work distinguishes itself in part by the quality of the materials employed in the conception of his pieces. Maples, cherry and black walnut which are indigenous species from North America are mainly used. On the other hand it is the researched and refined designs of his products that make them stand out. Indeed, purity of line and balance guide his projects. Play of colours, of textures and proportions punctuate the compositions. Thanks to the process of techniques that he favours the execution is neat and meticulous. These characteristics confer originality and uniqueness to his work. These high class creations will know how to please and pass the test of time.


The motifs and repetitions of nature offer me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I try to comprehend but above all to sense the proper nature of each object and visualise it in relation to its future environment, and this, in an aim to create a symbioses between the two. My designs define themselves by a pursuit for pure line, a precarious balance but a well calculated one! The layout of proportions, of colours, of textures must succeed in seducing the eye. I am conscientious and meticulous; everything is continually thought of and rethought of in order to obtain the best result. In spite of the complexity of certain details, a sobriety and simplicity emanate from my projects. The ergonomic concepts are also an integral part of my process so that the product is comfortable and enjoyable to use as well as visibly attractive and elegant. The appreciation of the beautiful and esthetic are pleasures in life!

Nowadays, the search for objects of quality can prove to be a real challenge for consumers. I have the profound conviction that it is important to minimise society’s impact on the environment. Thus, the aspects of quality and durability are strongly considered during the making of the furniture and accessories that I create. It must not be forgotten that we design the antiques of tomorrow.


Stéphane works with an experienced team who respect standards of high quality. Thank you to PATRICK MAGNIN, SÉBASTIEN BUTEAU, COLETTE MEEHAN, ATTILA HRUBOS, SYLVAIN RUEST as well as all other collaborators.

Équipe d'Arbol Cuisine

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