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Chili Spice Blend

A traditional blend for chili con carne, and any dish where you want to add a Mexican touch. Several types of chilies are combined with Mexican oregano, allspice, bay leaves and roasted cumin to give your dishes the warmth and flavor of Mexican cuisine.

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Our traditional Chili Spice Blend contains four different kinds of chilies. Ideal for all dishes that call for a touch of the Southwest.

Our chili spice recipe is inspired by late 19th-century cookbooks, before chili powder was commercially available. It’s built for full flavor, hearkening back to the days when a hot bowl of hearty chili was a real treat.

An assortment of hot and sweet chilies mixed with Mexican oregano, bay leaf, roasted cumin and allspice to give chili dishes the flavor and warmth of New Mexico.

It is, of course, perfect for chili con carne and bean dishes. When ground, it makes an ideal dark chili powder as well, and works in any recipe calling for chili powder.

Ingredients: chilies, garlic, oregano, cumin, anise, bay leaf, thyme, allspice.

Weight | 45g

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